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General theme: Herbivores nutrition and landscapes, fundamental part of human culture, agriculture and nature regeneration
June 4, SundayJune 5, MondayJune 6, TuesdayJune 7, WednesdayJune 8, Thursday
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Opening Session
Oral presentations
Oral presentations
LOCAL TOURSOpening Session
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LOCAL TOURSOpening Session
Parallel Sessions
Oral presentations
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June 4, Sunday evening

Opening Lecture

Keynote speaker
  • Professor Wolfgang Pittroff, Samarkand State University
    Presenting: Keystone Issues in Ruminant Science

June 5, Monday morning


Ecological Nutrition of Herbivores

Keynote speaker
  • Professor Marcus Clauss, University of Zurich
    Presenting: Evolutionary trajectories in mammalian herbivory: washing, chewing, microbe farming

Reconciling productivity, needs and demands with nutritional ecology

Invited speakers
  • Dr. Emilio Ungerfeld, Instituto de Investigaciones Agropecuarias - INIA
    Presenting: Biological consequences of the inhibition of rumen methanogenesis
  • Professor Dahlanuddin, University of Mataram
    Presenting: Leucaena based cattle feeding systems for improved nutrition, livelihoods, and landscapes in eastern Indonesia
  • Professor Pablo Soca, Universidad de la República de Uruguay
  • Dr. Bryan Thompson, AgResearch
    Presenting: Matching grazing behaviour to landscape - a foraging syndrome framework for livestock
Oral presentations SESSION 1

June 5, Monday afternoon


Optimal Nourishing of Herbivores

Keynote speaker
  • Professor Juan Villalba, Utah State University
    Presenting: Herbivory and the power on nourishing for health

Dietary taxonomical and biochemical diversity… optimal nourishment?

Invited speakers
  • Dr. Anita Fleming, Lincoln University
    Presenting: A vade-mecum for grazing and health
  • Professor Tommy Boland, University College Dublin
    Presenting: The role of dietary diversity in delivering multiple dividends in pasture based livestock production
  • Professor Dario Colombatto, Universidad de Buenos Aires &
    Professor Alejandro Relling, The Ohio State University
    Presenting: Intersection between perfect nutrition and practical application in beef cattle nutrition
Oral presentations SESSION 2

June 6, Tuesday morning


Linking herbivores to Ecosystem Services

Keynote speaker
  • Professor Jude Capper, Harper Adams University
    Presenting: Herbivore nutrition, ecosystems and nature-based solutions - what are the sustainability opportunities and trade-offs?

Ecosystem Services and nutrition: a. Provision; b. Regulating; c. Cultural and Supporting

Invited speakers
  • Professor Yingjun ZHANG, China Agricultural University
    Presenting: The status of grass-based animal husbandry and the innovative grazing maximizing ecosystem multifunctionality at the improved natural grasslands.
  • Dr. Hayley Norman, CSIRO
    Presenting: Domestication of shrubs to enhance livestock profitability and ecosystem services.
  • Dr. Maryline Boval, INRA
    Presenting: What management options to increase animal nutrition and ecosystemic services?
  • Dr. Pablo Manzano, Helsinki University & Ikerbasque Foundation of Science
    Presenting: Earth needs much herbivory, but the right way: implications for livestock management.
Oral presentations SESSION 3

June 6, Tuesday afternoon

Poster presentations

Parallel Workshops

  • Grazing ecology: from science to practice
    Organized by Prof. Paulo César de Faccio Carvalho
    • Professor Iain Gordon, Australian National University & Lincoln University
      Presenting: Herding the literature: trends in large mammalian herbivore grazing and foraging ecology research over the past three decades.
    • Professor Pablo Gregorini, Lincoln University
      Presenting: Lincoln University Integral Health Dairy Farm: a dairy farm designed for nutritional and environmental health.
    • Professor Paulo de Faccio Carvalho, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul
      Presenting: From bite to farm: grazing ecology in practice.
  • Contribution of energy efficiency determinations on the design of profitable and environmentally sustainable ruminant production systems
    Organized by Prof. Pablo Chilibroste
    • Dr. Daniel Talmón, Universidad de la República
      Presenting: Feeding strategy and Holstein strain affect the energy efficiency of lactating dairy cows.
    • Professor Mariana Carriquiry, Universidad de la República
      Presenting: Energy efficiency of beef cattle in grazing production systems: I. Effect of selection for residual feed intake & II. Effect of herbage allowance on cow-calf systems.
    • Dr. Ignacio De Barbieri, National Institute of Agricultural Research of Uruguay - INIA
      Presenting: Breeding for improved feed efficiency and decreased methane emissions in sheep.
  • Animal welfare: nutritional implications for herbivores
    Organized by Prof. Luiz Carlos Pinheiro Machado Filho
    • Pilar Sepulveda Varas
      Presenting: Blood analytes in the assessment of metabolic and nutritional disorders in transition dairy cows: how can it improve their welfare?
    • Ruan Rolnei Daros
      Presenting: Increased pasture biodiversity and its relation to ruminants' welfare.
    • João Cardoso Costa
      Presenting: Feeding the individual, not the group: utilizing behavioral and nutritional data to improve the welfare of ruminants.

Satellite Event - Sponsors presentation

  • Dr. Juan Tricarico, Senior Vice President - Environmental Research
    Presenting: Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy
  • Professor Paulo de Faccio Carvalho - Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Director of the Aliança SIPA/ ICLS Alliance
    Presenting: Aliança SIPA

June 7, Wednesday

Local tours

June 8, Thursday morning


Applied nutrition and herbivory in the age of big data and technology

Keynote speaker
  • Professor Cameron Clark, University of Sydney
    Presenting: Capturing and understanding animal production diversity across extensive environments to optimise the nutrition of herbivores.

Applied Nutrition and modelling: We can measure a lot, but… How can we use it? Are we using it? Can we model it?

Invited speakers
  • Professor Jennifer Ellis, University of Guelph
    Presenting: Drowning in data, thirsting for knowledge.
  • Professor Antonello Cannas, Università di Sassari
    Presenting: Improving sheep and goat applied nutritional models in the age of big data and technology: what can we currently do?
  • Dr. Robin White, Virginia Tech
    Presenting: Data for Decisions: Objectives and approaches for data analytics to improve and inform herbivore nutrition
  • Dr. Anthony Whitbread & Dr. Cesar Patino, International Livestock Research Institute
    Presenting: The central role of livestock in smallholder production systems in Africa and Asia: resilience, nutrition, income and sustainability.
Oral presentations SESSION 4

June 8, Thursday afternoon


What is the role of the herbivore in Future food systems

Keynote speaker
  • Dr. Alexandre Berndt, EMBRAPA
    Presenting: What is the role of the herbivore in future food systems.

What to harvest? What to eat, what to feed?

Invited speakers
  • Dr. Fábio Montossi, Instituto de Investigaciones Agropecuarias - INIA
    Presenting: Livestock ruminant production systems and value chains contributing towards a more sustainable world: opportunities and challenges.
  • Dr. Stephan van Vliet, Utah State University
    Presenting: You are what you eat eats: linking plant, animal, and human health in livestock systems.
  • Dr. Juan Tricarico enior Vice President - Environmental Research Dairy Management Inc
    Presenting: What is the role of the herbivore in Future food systems? Perspectives from the dairy value chain.
Oral presentations SESSION 5


To Prof. Seerp Tamminga
  • Profs. Pablo Chilibroste and Jan Dijkstra
To Prof. Luiz Carlos Pinheiro Machado Filho
  • Prof. Luiz Carlos Pinheiro Machado Filho
To Prof. Peter Van Soest
  • Prof. Antonello Cannas
To Prof. Daniel Sauvant
  • Dr. Maryline Boval and Dr. Christelle Loncke
To Prof. Egil Robert Ørskov
  • Dr. Juan Carlos Ku-Vera

Closing Session: Where to now?

  • Profs. Pablo Gregorini and Paulo César de Faccio Carvalho

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